End of Line Automation

End of Line Automation

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Pouches are everywhere. Consider a typical walk-through of a supermarket or big -box store and you’re guaranteed seeing multitude of products packed in pouches. The formet's popularity is obvious.
Today, end-of-line automation can pave the way toward efficient, cost-effective methods of providing pouched to consumers. A simple maxim covers the essence of this approach: A system that handles flexibles must be flexible. For all its appeal, however, automation isn’t simply a no-brainer. Many challenges exist when utilizing or considering end-of-the-line automation technology.


Pouches are "tough to handle," meaning that you should work with an experienced automation company, one that is experienced in dealing with pouches. Pouches do not have repeatable shapes, footprints, or characteristics, unlike bottles or cartons, which is where the experience factor comes in.

An automation system, therefore, must be flexible and adaptable. It also must be fast and efficient, intuitive-to-operate and performed by bag-handling specialists. We provide secondary packaging / end of line automation solutions. We conceptualize the solution as per requirements. And provide total solution from design to manufacturing and productionisation on your shop along with our standard product range.

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