Collar With Multihead Filler

Collar With Multihead Filler

Distinct Features

Farst, Precise and maximum weight accuracy is achieved by this system. Multihead weighers can be attached to the packaging machines to achieve the perfect package weight. Best for products like snaks foods, dry fruits, candies etc.

Technical Specifications & Weigher Seecification

Nominal Speed Dry run Upto 120 Pouches/min
Connect Load 6.5KW, 415,3+N,50Hz
Air Consumption At 6 Bar 1.2NL/Cycle
Machine Size(LxW×H,mm) 1200 x 2000 × 1600
Machine Construetion MS Painted, Contact Parts are in AISI-316
Film Pulling Normal/Servo
Cross Seal Normal/Servo
Pillow Bag Wight Size 70mm-230mm
Pillow Bag Height Size 75mm-325mm
Filling Capacity 50cc-100cc (depending upon product bulk density)
Packaging Material All Heat Sealable Latinate
Weigher Seecification
10 Head Weiger 14 Head Weiger  
Max Speed, WPM
60 100  
Connect Load
22.KW,220V,50Hz 22.KW,220V,50Hz  
Connect Load
1.3L 1.3L  
Air Consumption At 6 Bar
10.4 Colour Touch screen 10.4 Colour Touch screen  
Machine Size(LxW×H,mm)
25-100 grams 25-2500 grams  
Machine Construetion

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